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Ing. Arch. Anna Šlapetová

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague, subsequently completing an internship in Berlin under Arch. Hilmer & Sattler, and since 2003 she has been an independent authorised architect and a member of the CCA (Czech Chamber of Architects).

In 2003 she became actively involved in the construction of the village Dolní Břežany as head of the architectural-urban planning committee, becoming its chief architect in 2014.

For her work, she received a nomination for the title of Building of the Year of the Central Bohemian Region 2017 for the Primary and Kindergarten Complex - pavilion, link bridge, canteen in Dolní Břežany. Her family house in South Bohemia – Velký Pěčín near Dačice was selected by the publisher of Foibos as the Building of the Century of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia 1918-2018.

Outside of her own work, she joins competition juries and also leads the Design studio at University ART & DESIGN INSTITUTE (since 2017).

Art version

The Art version is an exclusive artistic concept of houseboats. They will have artistic facades and interior walls painted by academic painter Barbora Šlapetova, and they will be tailored to the personality of their owners.

Academic painter Mgr. Barbora Šlapetová is a painter and photographer who is also involved in literature and film. She received the following awards - in painting: DAAD – Akademie der Künste v Berlíně (2000), in literature: literary award Magnesia Litera (2005) for the book 'Proč je noc černá' (Why is the Night Black?); and in film: for the best short documentary film Natural Born Astronauts at ArtQuake Kyoto Biennale in Japan (2019).

She represented the Czech Republic at Expo Shanghai (2010) and Expo Milano (2015). President Václav Havel and NASA astronauts Leroy Chiao and Koichi Wakata collaborated on her projects.

She has been collaborating with NASA on art projects since 2009. A rocket carried her photographts to the International Space Station.
In addition to participating in exhibitions - in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Kyoto Museum, Berlin, Sofia, Helsinki, Lisbon, and Bondi Beach in Sydney - her work can also be seen in many museums and private collections.