Luxury on the water is spontaneous and human
the project aimed at experiences
a holiday bothy on the water.

The spiritual idea behind the whole project was a dream I had.

skica domu

I fell asleep thinking about vacationing somewhere where there is no one and nothing, but where I would have everything I need and want for a luxury vacation with my wife. A secluded place where I will be able to go fishing and my wife will be able to do what she loves most, which is swimming and sunbathing.

A space that will be only ours and will allow us to be completely free. Experience breakfast on the terrace at sunrise, have lunch under an umbrella and then relax in the hot tub and watch the sunset. In the evening you can start a fire in the fireplace, open all the windows and hear the birds singing with the sound of crackling wood. To experience peace and well-being and just have fun.

The next day I already knew that we were going to make houseboats for people who have dreams like me, for people who are unconventional, who love life, who love their loved ones and want to experience what is only possible on the water and in their own real world.

Martin Šturma


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